Monday, October 19, 2009

Blog 1, an introduction: why Life de facto?

Too many priorities have been criss-crossed in the world of Christians today. We are a generation guilty of straining gnats while swallowing camels (Matthew 23:24). Despite how hard Jesus harped on love, and how much of the rest of the new testament harped on grace, we have made it our primary business to separate ourselves, to define ourselves by how holy we can become, by what we abstain from and how we can best impress God and each other. Tight in our bubbles, we are holed-up, safe from sin (at least the visible ones) and totally ineffective. Caught up in gimmicks, buzz words, and the latest holy trend, we're a poor picture of the real Jesus—the one who made it his primary business to love, to feed the hungry, comfort the hurting, and to heal the sick. We have made a checklist (extra-biblical, of course) of what makes an American holy, and find ourselves superior to Christians who don't walk the same line or turn their heads from the same T.V. shows. We've strayed from the Rabi who communed with the outcasts of his society and define for ourselves a whole new list of outcasts. If we ever happen to run into one and help them one way or the other, we pat ourselves on the back and hope they join our ranks, rather than loving indiscriminately as Jesus did.

The world around us is hurting and suffering while we work on our righteousness. In spite of the example of the one we call Lord, we want to meet them on our terms, in our fortresses, with our own peculiar language, at arms length, and according to what we think they need.

For those whose idea of Christianity is a list of dos and don'ts, a way to make yourself more set apart and secure, this blog will most likely offend you. If it does, take an honest look at your values and social /philanthropic life, and how they measure up with Jesus'. Hopefully the words written here will inspire you to open your eyes to the fear and ill-seated ideals that keep you stagnant. If they just piss you off instead, I've been expecting you.

For those of you who agree, who are tired of playing it safe, tired of the politics and games of Christianity taking the spotlight and sucking your ambition dry, my hope is that you find a voice and encouragement here.

Life de facto is life in actuality, despite formalities and 'governing' definitions. It is life lived with more concern (love) for your fellow human (your neighbor) than for your 'righteousness' (yourself). It is real, it is gritty, and it is satisfying. If you're already living it or hungry to take the plunge, then my hope is that, together, we can make some waves.